DS March Team Leads

Here's your master list of March Logistics Leaders. You can download the list for easy reference here.

Alejandra Pablos
Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 520-990-6003

Mary Zeiser
Arts & Culture Coordinator
Phone: 818-632-5701

Suzanne Del Grosso
Logistics Volunteer
Phone: 978-979-7713

Tim Brown 
PA Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 484-432-6438

Alex Mazzola 
Logistics Officer
Phone: 970-402-9297  

March Teams

Admin Team
Team Leader: Tim Brown & Suzanne
Core Volunteers:

  1. Registration Captains - daily marcher check-ins and orientation, eg. making sure all required documents are filled.
  2. Baggage Captains - tracking and transporting. Must be able to lift approx. 40 pounds.

Safety Team
Team Leader: Mary
Core Volunteers:

  1. Medics- attending to minor injuries
  2. Safety Monitors- first aid kits, electrolytes, etc., water & ice

Marcher Support Team
Team Leader: TBD
Core Volunteers:

  1. March Captains- coordination and support of 20 marchers, point of contact.
  2. Pacers- stay in front and sets pace.
  3. Sweepers- stay back and makes sure no one is left behind.

Advance Team
Team Leader: Tim Brown
Core Volunteers:

  1. House Captains- tracks all housing, arranges transportation.
  2. Food Captains- purchases groceries and setting up the menu.
  3. Cooks- prepares meals/works with captains to create grocery lists

Driving Team
Team Leader: TBD
Core Volunteers:

  1. March Support Drivers (Overseeing marchers)
  2. Advance Support Drivers (Cooking, housing, etc.)
  3. Admin Support Drivers (Transporting baggage, etc.)
  4. Safety Support Drivers (Medics, etc.)

Here are a list of supplies we will need at march, please bring any of the following that could support the march:

  • Shade tents
  • moleskin pads (used for blisters)
  • folding tables
  • chairs
  • sunscreen
  • first-aid
  • general medical supplies
  • water, coolers
  • safety vests
  • clipboards
  • cones
  • bullhorns
  • pens
  • markers
  • butcher paper
  • Gatorade
  • walkie talkies
  • dry snacks
  • garbage bags
  • walkie-talkies
  • portable chargers
  • generator
  • flashlights
  • hand sanitizer
  • batteries indoor/outdoor shower, bug spray.

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