Demand An Equal Voice for All

In the wake of the largest civil disobedience action of this century, it's time to bring our fight for democracy home to cities and states across the country.

It's time for politicians and candidates running for office to choose a side: are they with the People or the plutocrats?

We're using the following Equal Voice for All Declaration as a tool to find out where candidates and elected officials stand on the issue:

"Our government should be free from the corrupting influence of big money in politics and solely dependent upon the People. I declare my support for pro-democracy, anti-corruption reforms, including voting rights protections, citizen-funded elections, and a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United."

We will lift up those who sign the declaration as leaders of reform and expose those who refuse to sign as defenders of the corrupt political system. We will disrupt their fundraisers, their debates, their press conferences, their campaign events, and ultimately, their chances at the polls.

There will be a political price to pay for upholding the status quo of big money corruption and voter suppression.

We will make the 2016 election a referendum on whether we will have a democracy that serves the people or a plutocracy that panders to the 1%.

The opportunities for creative and effective nonviolent action are endless. And you can get started right now by sending the Equal Voice for All Declaration to your local, state, and federal representatives and to any candidates who are challenging them. This is the first step: make sure they see this declaration. Email. Send a letter. Call their office. Visit them in person.

We achieved something historic this April. Now is the time to harness that momentum and build a movement that can’t be stopped to save our democracy. 


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