Bring Your Friends

Democracy Spring is going to be big. Together, we can make it huge.

Many people are excited to be a part of Democracy Spring but haven’t thought to ask their friends and family and neighbors and co-workers to join them. Bring your people!

Anyone you convince to join will appreciate it after the fact!

Someone's first rally, protest, or direct action can be a life-changing experience. Many of us have forgotten how much power we can have if we channel our frustration into action.

Here are some tips on talking to friends:

Start out by writing down ten to thirty names of people you know.

Don't be a afraid to ask -- phone and in-person conversations are best.

Frame your conversation by reviewing our talking points or sharing why you’re personally motivated to take action.

Tell them how you’re getting there and ask if they want to travel with you.

Recognize people's commitments and talk them through ways to lean on others.

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    Any New Yorkers want to take the ride?
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    Heya, anyone passing through the midwest Hoosierland?
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