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We the People are building a movement for a real democracy.

From April 2nd-11th we marched 140 miles from Philadelphia to Washington DC to demand Congress end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure free and fair elections for all. When Congress refused to act, we took back the People’s House with mass sit-ins at the US Capitol Building. Over eight days 1,300 arrests were made and still the majority and leadership in Congress failed to address the status quo of legalized corruption.

With mass civil disobedience, we have drawn a line in the sand.

Every candidate for public office in our country, from the oval office down to city council must choose: stand with the People on the side of democracy, or defend the billionaire-dominated political system and voter suppression policies that compromise our fundamental right to self-government. If candidates and current members of elected office do not commit to the fundamental reforms we need to have a real democracy, they will be met with growing and organized resistance.

In the days to come we will be in touch about how we can move forward together in this fight.

This is just the beginning.