Democracy Spring will be an epic journey. We'll begin at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, then move by the dozens across 140 miles on foot, and arrive in DC for massive civil disobedience to end the corruption of big money in politics and ensure an equal voice for all in our elections.

For information about our plans for each step of the way, click below:

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    Yes I looked into the church and hostols there isnt parking. It’s weird it’s easier to find accommodations for me it’s the car I’m trying to figure out.
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    I’m trying to figure out how we share contact info.
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    Nancy Smith, did you know there is a church that is allowing people to sleep on the floor? I think it is St. Stephens Episcopal. I think the info is under sitins on the logistics tab. You may have to click to rsvp for sitins to see all the details. There is info on the DC Metro Rail website about parking. The longterm parking is all at the outlying stations.
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    Connie, thanks let me know. My contact info is on here.
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    Sally Gilman and Nancy Smith, I have a room in Alexandria at a motel about a 20 minute Metro ride from Union Station. Let me know if you are interested. They might let us park 2 cars. If not there are 4 long term parking lots at Metro locations—one near Alexandria.
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    I am coming in from Chicago on the 10th trying to find a place I can park my vehicle I’m running a few more people with me I think they have a place to stay I can sleep in my car just need a place to put the car. I found a campsite not too far from the mall that I could split with some people if they’d be interested let me know thanks
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    Cory Forsythe, I live in Jackson T.N. and will drive through Nashville to get there. email me at caseyharris9200@gmail.com if you want to carpool.
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    I’m going whether I can carpool with someone or not, but if there’s anyone in the Nashville, TN area that would want to split the drive and the cost I’d love to go with you.
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    Check it outhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLwPN4YZ6JA " the times they are a changin’
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    Rats! I just booked a flight from Phoenix. I seriously considered driving, but I carpooling didn’t even occur to me, Jaron Carr.
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    I will be going to DC for the sit-ins but need a ride from Phoenix, AZ. I can split gas and driving. Is anyone interested?
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    Pet-friendly march?
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    I wish I could tell people where we should meet in DC on Day 1 . . . but I cannot find that information.
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    Local marches should be held, like the marches for Bernie that went on, to give this movement more notice so Establishment media can’t ignore us!
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    Hey all! It’s Maria, one of two Logistics Coordinators for DS. If you have questions that are yet to be answered, please send a note our way at democracyspringlogistics@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP! We want to ensure you have all the information you need to feel excited & supported in joining the mobilization.
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    I am interested in sharing a hotel room in DC. Is there a “room share” board?
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    Would be helpful if street addresses are provided for over night locations. Especially puzzling is day 6, the Towne Baptist Church. 1, Abingdon, MD—what is the “1” here?
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    I’m trying to work out transportation and lodging…might be able to stay only the first day or two…
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    I’ll be the guy wearing the “Where’s MY billion dollar bailout??” t-shirt…
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    Hi Miriam—thanks for passing on these questions! We’ll reach out to put you in touch with our logistics coordinator to answer some of these questions on an immediate basis, and after that discussion we can integrate some of your helpful questions & our answers into this page. Thanks again for your feedback.
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    Can you please address these questions?

    - Will we be marching as a group or spread out along the route?

    - Will sleeping bags, mattresses and other personal gear be transported in a vehicle, or will marchers carry them?

    - Are they primarily organising home stays, or are we likely to be all staying together in a church, school, etc?

    - Will we be participating in any kind of programs, rallies, forums, speaking opportunities, etc?

    - What kinds of signs will accompany the marchers, will they be provided, and will there be some attention to managing, focusing the message?

    - To what extent will climate change be part of the conversation?

    - Will we be provided with safety vests for visibility and for group identification purposes?

    - Who will provide the leadership along the march?

    - Will there be a “sag wagon” for people who need assistance?

    - My biggest concern has been the lack of a point person who we can contact for questions. Has such a person been designated?
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