Reform Agenda

Democracy Spring is fighting for political equality, regardless of class, race, gender, incarceration status, ideology, or any other factor that may be used to disempower or disenfranchise everyday Americans. 

We plan to institutionalize that strategic objective of political equality through a three-plank reform agenda, which would in combination end the corruption of big money in politics and guarantee the right to vote for all people. 


1) Federal legislation to protect and expand voting rights for all.

Restoring the Voting Rights Act
Implementing same-day and automatic voter registration
Expanding early voting
Eliminating voter ID requirements
Making Election Day a national holiday
Banning felon disenfranchisement


2) Federal legislation to enact publicly funded elections

Implementing citizen-funded, small dollars elections
Banning or severely limiting outside spending
Banning corporate spending
Banning big-money direct contributions
Closing the revolving door between big money and government


3) A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

Allowing Congress to limit and regulate campaign spending
Allowing Congress to differentiate between corporations and natural persons


The goal of the reform agenda is not to create absolute political equality—which would entail things like abolishing the Senate and making House districts perfectly even—but sufficient political equality to break through the stranglehold that concentrated capital and partisan politics now has over our elections. This will enable us to elect a Congress capable of driving a progressive agenda tackling the urgent moral crises of our time.