The Grand Strategy of Democracy Spring is currently under revaluation and revision following the results of the 2016 election. We are still completely committed to our strategic objective of political equality and our 12 principles, but we acknowledge that our strategy to reach that objective must shift along with the new political realities of our country. 


The Grand Strategy

A Grand Strategy is a basic, movement-wide plan for implementing a Theory of Change to win an ultimate Strategic Objective. In the context of a decentralized, popular movement employing escalating nonviolent action, a Grand Strategy is a very important basis of unity that guides all of our actions, enables participants to act in coordination even when not in direct communication, and orients all members within the steps or phases of our work.

The following Grand Strategy is adapted from that developed by 99Rise in the fall of 2015. After the April 2016 mobilization that inaugurated Democracy Spring, that original plan was revised. It is presented here in its briefest form to maximize understanding and shareability. For the full text, including elaborating elements to flesh out goals, metrics, and possible campaigns or tactics for each Phase, visit this page.

This Grand Strategy was designed based on a decision to meet what we feel is the moral imperative of this profoundly urgent moment in our history as a nation and planet. We sought to craft a deeply audacious but plausible plan that — if successful — will enable us to win fundamental democracy reform in 2017 and thus create an opening for reforms to address the planetary emergency of climate change immediately after or in 2019, after what would be the first post-reform election in 2018. We understand and accept that we may fail to be successful in any phase of this time-bound plan and thus be required to adapt our strategy and timeline, but we are determined to take that risk in order to pursue a victory that meets the test of urgency of this moment.


Democracy Spring Grand Strategy Graphic