Since the founding moment of this country, everyday people — led by the oppressed & marginalized — have struggled to realize the unfulfilled promise of a real democracy.


The abolitionists, the women's suffrage movement, the labor movement, the civil rights movement, the farmworkers movement: They all fought to achieve the liberty, justice, and dignity that are guaranteed to all Americans, but which have been withheld from so many.

But after generations of progress, our democracy is slipping backwards. The twin corruptions of big money in politics and voter suppression contradict our most deeply held beliefs and block progress on the most urgent moral crises of our time.

To fight back we need a mass movement of civil resistance that can create a political and moral crisis around the corruption of our democracy. We need a movement that can build power, shift the political weather, and push through fundamental reforms. 

There is a sea change happening in this country. As Trump & his GOP allies work to suppress votes and drown out everyday people’s voices with billionaire campaign contributions, a new generation of diverse, progressive millennials is ready to fight back. Their parents have watched over 40 years of stagnant wages, cuts to social programs, reckless wars, endless gun violence, and ongoing environmental disaster threaten their children’s futures.

We are now ready to walk together, in the footsteps of those who struggled before us, to realize the promise of democracy.

Imagine the future we could create if the wealthiest nation in the history of our planet was led by its people for the good of all. A stable climate and healthy ecology, a fair economy that works for everyday people, a society that ensures quality healthcare and education to all: these are within our reach. That is the world we know we can create if we rise together to the test of our time.

We would be proud to have you join us. Sign up an be a part of history.